SEC Registered EDGAR Filing Agency

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Welcome to OFFISTRA® !

Where reliability, sustainability and excellence are our top priorities.

With its reliable staff and efficient services, OFFISTRA® has offered the best services on SEC EDGAR file submission and conversion. The company, with its main aim directed at reliability and efficiency, has proven itself worthy of its clients who have expressed their strong trust through the years.

OFFISTRA® provides a full range of services on SEC EDGAR filings, which includes a complete range of electric document conversion (EDGARizing), and filing solutions for public companies, investment firms, mutual funds and individuals, who have to experience filing with the EDGAR system periodically.

Above all, OFFISTRA® values professionalism and excellence, which is why we have been available to our clients 24/7, and our turnaround has always been quick and speedy, without sacrificing the quality of our work. We have maintained our reputation because of our hardworking and highly-qualified staff, and because we value our clients; we value excellence; and we value reliability.

We highly recommend that you avail of our service in filing reports, as doing them by yourself can be a hassle, and can be risky if not done correctly. Let the professionals of OFFISTRA® do the job for you.

With trustworthy and well-trained EDGAR filing agents, our clients have stayed with us because of our reliable services. We nurture their loyalty by making sure that we improve and expound on the services we offer, providing only what is guaranteed as excellent and reliable assistance.

Accompanying XBRL Reports 

Our main service involves filing documents for our clients with a fast turnaround. We work on proofs and registration statements and this is only a few of our specialties. We convert documents and prepare accompanying XBRL reports to include with your filing and we have even developed a software to automate bulk schedule 13G/13D filings, Form 13H and Section 16 insider filings.

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Complimentary Form ID Assistance

Here in OFFISTRA®, we offer complimentary Form ID assistance and submission for our clients. We also proofread every document with the help of professionals, who also carefully check formats to make sure that every form complies with industry standard. Also, we proofread and check the completeness of each document, ensuring quality and accuracy.

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Investment Managers Forms Assistance

Placing ingenuity, efficiency and high-quality service as priorities when it comes to our work ethic, not a single client worries about their forms and requirements as to the SEC EDGAR system. We offer assistance in filing of the following forms: 13F, 13H, 13G and 13D for investment managers, and 3, 4, and 5 as to Section 16 reports. OFFISTRA can also help you comply with your reporting requirements for SEDAR filing system.

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For your concerns, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in the filing of your documents for a hassle-free and meaningful experience. We guarantee that our turnaround will be speedy, with the work accomplished correctly and to the best of our ability.


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