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Form S-1 is the standard registration statement filed on the SEC EDGAR system by public companies to register additional securities and by private companies seeking to go public through an IPO (Initial Public Offering). The S-1 contains information about the business — financial statements, management, risk factors, etc — specific to the securities offering. Also known as a prospectus, the information in the form allows investors to consider the merits of the offering and make an educated investment decision.

About Form S-1

Form S-1 is filed on the SEC EDGAR system in HTML format. The SEC only accepts a simplified version of HTML, requiring the source documents to be converted using specialized SEC EDGAR software (as opposed to simply using the “Save as HTML” option in a word processor). Form S-1 also requires the filing entity to be registered with the SEC EDGAR system and have valid EDGAR filing codes, and pay a fee based on the number and offering price of the shares being registered.


XBRL Requirements

According to pages 65 – 70 of the official XBRL rule, XBRL is not required in an S-1 used to register securities in conjunction with an IPO. Form S-1s not being used as part of an IPO however, do require an XBRL component. In the event XBRL is required, we use proprietary software to merge the XBRL from prior 10-Qs and 10-Ks into a single set of XBRL files, effectively saving you time and money.


Our Form S-1 Service Solution

Our team regularly works with companies and their legal counsel with respect to Form S-1; we consider it one of our specialties. Our team will proactively assist you in ensuring you have the necessary filing codes to submit the filing and have a plan to pay the required registration fee. We will convert the original material received from you to SEC EDGAR HTML format, and provide you and your team with an online proof. After obtaining your approval, we file the Form S-1 with the SEC EDGAR system.

The process of filing and having an S-1 approved by the SEC can take anywhere from two months to a year. Our team is available throughout this process to prepare and submit subsequent amendments, redlines, and correspondence letters.

Contact us to learn how our Form S-1 filing service can work for you.



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